Random Creepy Memory

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Stupid Bible Belt

When I was a kid, no older than 12 or 13, my little sister and I were visiting our grandparents on a snowy weekend. Now, this was a year or two before I’d jumped on the Jesus Freak express, but well after I was “saved” by a Gideon New Testament that was given to me under questionable legal circumstances. My sister, who was probably 5 or 6 at the time, was excited to bundle up and go frolic in the snow with her big sissy.

After making snow angels and gently lobbing snowballs in each other’s general directions, we decided to attempt to build a snowman. This was my first try at constructing a snowman with no adult supervision or assistance, so I was looking forward to showing my sister how it was done. He was lumpy and lopsided, but all he needed was a head.

After trekking to the back yard to find more snow, we gathered our cache and went to the front yard to finish our masterpiece. I paid no attention to the dark pickup truck that passed by until it looped around the block and stopped in front of us. The ancient man in the front seat (lookng back, he was probably only in his early 60s) rolled down his window and hollered for my attention. He asked if I believed in God and if we had a church to go to the next day, because God placed a burden on him to witness to us. I blushed and said yes we have a church and pointed to the chapel just down the street, the stone building which housed our family’s congregation. He offered up some small-talk pleasantries before heading on down the road.

Looking back I wonder, why did I not remember this until now? Had I really suppressed the memory, or did it just seem normal?

Now, I’ve always looked a wee bit older than my age, and at that point I had already been mistaken as my sister’s mother a couple of times despite only having a 7 year age difference. Regardless, this was a grown man offering to take two young girls in his truck to Zeus-Knows-Where. How does that not seem wrong???

I just felt the need to share that memory, since it resurfaced. I really don’t have anything else to say on it.


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